Our capacities include, but are not limited to:

Screw Machines

We have National Acme cam type multi-spindle Screw Machines to 3-1/2" bar capacity.  These are equipped with up to Double Threading, High Speed Drilling, Thread Rolling, and High Pressure Through the Tool Coolant.

Transfer Machines

Our Kingsbury static part type Transfer Machines offer secondary operation machining for parts that come off of the Screw Machines. They can also offer primary machining operations for other parts as well. 

Our ATS "Turn 6" Rotating Part style CNC controlled Transfer Machines are 6 spindle indexing CNC chucker lathes that are ideal for the "Near Net" shaped market. Examples would be castings, forgings, stampings, or even precut lengths of bar.


Our 3 and 4 axis Hardinge Vertical CNC Mills have capacities to 40" x 20" and geared heads for low speed torque. These mills are all equipped with a Troyke or Hardinge 10" rotary 4th axis.

Production HMC

We have production milling capacity on our 630mm pallet Cincinnati HMC with travels of 40" x 30" and offering 1 degree indexing on the pallet.

Large 5 Axis HMC

Our Excello CNC Horizontal Mill offers up to 5 axis of continuous motion with travels of 48" x 48" with a Pratt and Whitney 30" rotary "A" axis that is set up to swing much larger sizes yet. This is a large machine and has a 3 speed geared head that is able to make large amounts of torque at low speeds making it ideal for Titanium as well as tough alloy steel grades. 


For fixed headstock we have Hardinge Multi-Axis CNC Lathes that offer up to 8 axis of motion including Twin Turrets, Live Tooling, Sub Spindles, Y axis, and C axis. These have a capacity of up to 2-5/8" bar through not only the main spindle headstock, but all the way through the sub-spindle as well. These are bar type machines that have short magazine type barfeeders as well as able to run up to 24' long tubes.


We have 1" capacity Tornos and Hardinge Swiss type CNC Lathes. These have  up to 7 axis, Live Tooling, Sub-Spindles, Twin Turrets, Y axis, and C axi's. These machines have 12' magazine type bar-feeders on them.

Large Turning

We have large turning capabilities with our Lodge and Shipley 2 axis CNC Lathes. These can swing up to 40" over the bed and 28" over the cross slide. These have centers to over 120" and up to a 7" hole through the spindle. These also are 3 speed geared head machines that can provide the torque needed to turn big diameters at low speeds.


Of course we have the usual support equipment:
Knee mill, surface grinder, saws, engine lathe, fork trucks, etc, etc....

The Future

This list is a moving target and we are frequently adding to these capacities. If your application requires something other than is listed here but otherwise seems that it could possibly fit in our business model, please contact us.
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